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With PADS4 Designer you can create Digital Signage presentations with ANY possible content.

Text, Image, Movie and Audio Files, PowerPoint presentations, Macromedia Flash files, PDF, live TV, ticker tapes linked to RSS feeds, HTML and Internet pages are just a small selection of the large amount of content that can be integrated into a PADS Digital Signage presentation.

With the power of the built-in Data-provider PADS4's database connectivity features allow you to connect any database to you presentations. You will have real time built-in connections to data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, XML, RSS, WMI, your own CMS or any other database to your presentation.

By creating dynamic rules within the Data-provider, you can determine exactly what content will be shown under specified conditions and how it will be displayed.

All pictures, videos and any other content are stored inThe PADS4 Content Library and with integrated automatic synchronization this ensures that all your designated users share the same media files.

If your content choice is not available in the designer tool-set then we have created an Add-on tool that can make it possible to be utilized.

PADS has the tools that will create the presentations and distribute your vital and latest information to your targeted audiences.

Main Features

  • Use ANY content possible.
  • Create presentations with a large collection of elements and tools.
  • Real-time data delivery with powerful database connectivity.
  • Create reactive displays with dynamic rules that create conditional content tasks.
  • Support of interactive presentations and touch screen compatible.
  • Use of Master pages for consistent look and feel layout template.
  • Latest Microsoft Office themed Graphical User Interface for user familiarity.



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PADS4, Digital Signage, Digital Signage Solutions


The PADS4 Viewer is the application that is installed into the PC that is connected to your display monitor. It ensures that your Digital Signage content is played perfectly, and at the right place, and at the right moment in time. It ensures that your presentation is played in accordance with your scheduling.

You can control multiple screens and produce video walls. It will display on screens, of any size, and any resolution.

The PADS Viewer allows for inserting real-time content and data. Your presentations can now always display your latest information, and you can create dynamic campaigns around this function. You no longer, for example, need to wait for a graphic designer to create a new image that changes, the date, or the time, or the price, or the status, or the venue, or the availability of your product or message. You can change it LIVE yourself.

Main features

  • Playback application for your scheduled presentations.
  • Real-time insertion of dynamic content and data.
  • Touch Screen compatible.
  • Local caching in the event of network failures. The content will continue to play and will be refreshed on resumption of the network connection.
  • View at real size or resolution independent.
  • Suitable for video walls.

There are 3 types of Viewer currently available:


The fully enabled version with every tool at the systems disposal.


Enhanced features are disabled.

Basic -

Only the very basic tools are enabled.



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PADS4, Digital Signage, Digital Signage Solutions


The PADS4 Server is the main distribution application for all the presentation content. It ensures that your scheduled presentations, and all the files, and all the data that is relevant to the presentation, are delivered to the related display PC, irrespective of where in the world these displays are.

This synchronization process is fully configurable. You can have the process happen as an automatic ongoing series of events, or schedule synchronization to occur at certain times of the day. The  pictures, videos and all other content files are transferred in the background and with minimal network load.

When using real-time data, the Server collects all the required data from all the linked data sources, and distributes the relevant data to the specific Viewer(s). This minimizes the amount of connections to the actual data source.


Main features


  • Automatic delivery of scheduled presentations to the required Viewers.
  • Configurable Synchronization of all content files with distribution to the required Viewers.
  • Automatic distribution of real-time data to the required Viewers.
  • Data encryption for secure communication.
  • Functions over LAN, WAN, Intranet or Internet.


Where a large number of screens is deployed globally over a large network it be maybe necessary to have additional local servers.



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PADS4, Digital Signage, Digital Signage Solutions


With PADS4 Desktop Viewer you have an application that distributes presentations to all licensed computers on the network not just Digital Signage screens. This in effect means that you can send presentations to any or all, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and POS terminals on the network. This allows scheduled content to be distributed to selected devices on request or as a screen-saver. You can have a presentation of critical systems status delivered to the selected people and it will notify or display as a screen-saver on the selected peoples devices. It can deliver targeted messages, newsletters, to specific people or groups of people. With POS terminals it can deliver promotional campaigns to these terminals while customers are not checking out. In this way a POS terminal is delivering valuable information and messaging in its "inactive" state.

The Alert function allows for important urgent message to appear instantly on all employees screens.

This application is fully integrated with the other elements of PADS4 and so any presentation can be scheduled for both the standard PADS4 viewers and the Desktop Viewers

Key features

  • Distribute content, newsletters to your desktops, laptop, tablets, POS terminals.
  • Create an internal information channel by informing employees by notification and screen saver.
  • Controlled distribution by group or individuals.
  • Seamless integration with other PADS applications.
  • Streamline internal communication within your organization.
  • Deliver promotions and messaging to your inactive POS terminals.
  • Alert function for instant, urgent messages.
  • Cost effective solution. A Desktop Viewer License is a fraction of the Full Viewer License.



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Digital Signage, Digital Signage Solutions, PADS4 Digital Signage Software


The PADS4 Software Development Kit (SDK) offers the key functionality of PADS4 to software developers. This enables IT developers all over the world to develop custom solutions around the standard PADS product.

The PADS4 SDK is based on the standard Microsoft .NET development environment. As such it can be used by any .NET developer familiar with the programming languages VB.NET or C#.

The SDK is a standard part of PADS4 and doesn't require a separate installation or license.

Key features

  • Application Programming Interface (API) with key functionality of PADS
  • Powerful tool to develop customized solutions
  • Keeping all advantages of the standard PADS product
  • Compatible with standard .NET programming languages
  • Fully documented
  • Sample projects including source code available



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